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Welcome to the TSI Online Report Demo
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See Below for details of what you will encounter while using our demo.

TSI has designed this demonstration of its online report program, so users can actually try the program and see how it works. The Main Menu provides a series of options for presenting analytical test data.

The first item on the main menu is the “Executive Summary”. This is a listing of units identified by Date, TSI Test Number, Customer Unit Number, Location, Serial Number, KVA and Gallons. Quality factors are listed on each unit for Inspection, Liquid Testing and Dissolved Gas Analysis. Quality Factors are “S” for satisfactory, “B” for borderline and “U” for unsatisfactory. A sub menu under Executive Summary allows the user to see all “S” units, all “B” units and all “U” units as a group. Clicking on the date for any entry will bring up the actual data on the unit.

Continuing down the Main Menu will allow the user to graph trends, see the complete history for a unit, plus PCB, Metals-in-Oil, Furans, Service History and recommendations.

The Multi-Query menu offers the user a large number of reports. As an example under “Inspections” the user can list all units with leaks, low fluid levels, poor paint conditions, dirty bushings and “0” headspace pressure for sealed units. The “Liquid Tests” allows a report for each heading. The Dissolved Gas Analysis report enables the user to list units by “B” or “U” Quality Factors.

Users can print any of the reports viewed. Questions can be e-mailed to TSI Sales Staff at