Transformer Service Inc.

Analytical Services and Asset Recovery

Sampling and Inspection

As transformers age, gaseous and liquid contaminants become dissolved in the dielectric fluid and can lead to failures or shortened useful lives unless detected and treated early. Sampling and analysis of dielectric fluid is the cornerstone of transformer preventive maintenance. Transformer oil is sampled at least annually and analyzed using gas chromatographs, spectrometers, and other sophisticated test equipment. The results of these tests show the types and amounts of contaminants in the oil and how they have changed from year to year. The contaminants occur as a result of aging, overheating, leaks, or other performance problems.

A complete visual inspection of the transformer is performed at the time the samples are drawn. Leaks, inoperative gauges, cracked bushings, low oil levels, and other defects are identified and described. Nameplates and other operational data are recorded to assist in developing maintenance recommendations. A transformer engineer reviews the sample test results and inspection reports taking into account prior history, the usage and age of the transformer, and IEEE Standards and prepares a complete report and trend analysis of the sample results, visual inspection, and maintenance recommendations that are sent to the customer.

Asset Recovery

TSI is licensed by the State of New Hampshire to transport and store PCB and non-PCB-containing electrical equipment. TSI is also a licensed PCB waste transporter in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New York, and most other states in the Eastern US.

TSI is an aggregator: disposal equipment and materials are brought to TSI where oil is removed and stored. Solid and liquid waste is taken to an appropriate EPA-approved disposal site, usually on a bi-monthly basis.

TSI has a crane truck and several trailers with containment rails. All drivers are trained in hazardous material handling and spill prevention and have HazMat endorsements on their driver’s licenses. All shipments are within all applicable DOT rules and regulations. TSI prepares all manifests and BOLs.